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Limitless Addict beats Fnatic and moves to WESG Finals in China !

POSTED BY marko November 21, 2017

After losing our 1st group game vs AGO, the team decided to step up and beat Fragsters, Resistance and Fnatic to finish 2nd of the D group.

According to Lowki :
“The first match, versus AGO, didn’t work out because we focused on anti-strats and it’s not a good way. We were completely blocked on “they are going to do this”, “they are going to do this” and we don’t play our game anymore. So at the next matches we decided to stop thinking only about anti-strating, just know the important, global things, and after that focus on our proper game and the three other maps, which were RESISTANCE, Fragsters and fnatic. It was three times Cache, and three wins.”


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