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Limitless recruits ex-Fennec team !

POSTED BY marko May 29, 2017

Founded in 2016, the story of Limitless gaming’s management started back in 2014 and the roster in 2009. Here is the list of notable events highlighting the core of our gaming structure.




Lyhn (Current CSGO captain of the team) decided to create a counter-strike team “EU4S” with GGta and 3 other players. The passion began back then.


– E4US – After winning numerous smalls LANs and making it to the top3 algerian landscape, Valve decided to release Counter Strike Global offensive. The lineup began to lose steam and Lyhn decided to recruit Jada, the semi-finalist of ESWC 2013.


– E4US – The next year the lineup won the algerian ESWC.

– Marko Pavuna – The same year, Marko, the current CEO decided to leave its advertising job to become head of communication for a French eSport structure “Platinium esport”. By the end of the year, the French lineup would do the impossible at the ESWC Paris, beating the number one team in the world “Ninjas in Pyjamas” during round robin. They eventually finished at the 9th of the competition.


– E4US – After a rough season start, the algerian roster managed to win consecutively the “ALFA game cup”, “DZ game tour” and “ESMGO Opening”

– Platinium esport (Marko) – After losing its roster to the French team LDLC, the team decided to recruit fresh new talent. 5 months later the team eventually made a TOP4 at the ESWC Paris and won a $15000 cashprize.

The team partially restructured after the event as some of the players decided to leave to join LDLC while Platinium benefited from the split of Melty eSport Club.



-E4US- After winning “Rising Stars North Africa”, the lineup added « Kheops », one of the top algerian player, to the team. This new recruit made them shine in many invitational tournaments. During the season, they appeared in the WESG Dubai to make a top 7/8 and got invited to the Starladder pro-series.

– Platinium esport – After joining the top3 France and top30 world, the team consecutively won the Lyon Epsilan 13, beating LDLC and made a top3 at the Gamers Assembly in Poitiers (France). After two fruitful seasons in the structure, Marko decided to part ways with the team to live in London, joining the VOD esport structure:

End 2016 / top 2017

After finding a lack of skill in the UK scene, Marko decided to recruit E4US while searching for a consistent and strong team to represent his new project “Limitless gaming”. After successful months and tests, the team finally decided to reach for sponsors to make their dreams come true, going to Dubai a second consecutive year but to win this time! To make that happen the team recruited the best tunisian player available “Remind” to build the strongest lineup in North Africa.  The team also expanded into testing a female roster and added streamers, such as the world’s fastest man alive on “USO!”, the “beatmania” esport game, Kynan (top100 world)

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